How to export TSW .rdbdata file

This is tutorial, for tools I’m using. Not every files type can export, and export tool already stop develop, so there have lot bugs, and weird error.

joakibj’s tswrdb tool

First, I’m using joakibj’s tswrdb tool:

This tool can export many resource files like game icon, images, localized text, etc.

tswrdb tool readme page already have guide, but few steps didn’t included.

First, you need Java for sbt, the tool only compatible Java 6 and Java 7, NOT compatible with Java 8 and above. And Java 6 already stop maintenance, so you can download Java 7. Once your Java 7 install complete, and unzip sbt. you can download joakibj’s tswrdb .zip in his Github page, and unzip it in to sbt\bin folder.

i.e: F:\sbt\bin\tswrdb-cmdui

[info] 1000010 File Names –A very helpful file, store name of models, textures, and indexs, for next tool.
[info] 1000624 Media – Flash –All ingame icon and Notepad, include ability icon, gear icon etc. they are all .swf format.
[info] 1000636 Media – Images –some ingame images resource, they are all .png format.
[info] 1010013 Maps Merged — All ingame maps, include mini-maps image. They are all .jpg format.
[info] 1010042 Loading Screen Images — All ingame loading screen images, they are all .jpg format.
[info] 1020002 Sound Effects — All sound effects audio, they are all .ogg format.
[info] 1020003 Lip Sync Voices — All ingame voice sound audio, they are all .dat format.
[info] 1020005 Music –All ingame music audio, they are all .ogg format.
[info] 1030002 Strings –All ingame text.

TSW RDB Extractor

Original credit for the code goes to CupBoy, with slight modifications by oldbushie.

This tool very nice for export models, textures, also very bugged.  Download click here.

If you want to export TSW in-game models(like monster, Weapon, etc), you need to know some 3D artist knowledge,  can use some 3D software like 3ds Max, Maya, or Blender. some model have wrong UVs, material ID, or different parts.  Like Ororchi tower(vista), Orochi tank. So, some models need you to manually fix it, of course those have issues model very few.

Even though Funcom using Substance Designer, but TSW still using Phong, not PBR. Some model’s texture only have mask channels or base diffuse + mask, The tokyo content have many.

As I said, this tool very buggy, some path maybe need you to manually change it, and this tool can not export Specular map, Normal map. That’s mean you only can get diffuse or mask textures. Please remember TSW’s .rdbdata is very bad file package, I believe every player’s .rdbdata files are different,  base your .rdbdata files, you may missing some textures files, or model files when you export.

To use this tool, you need install Node.JS, and run Node.js command prompt. About TSW RDB Extractor, those .js file can simply pull to TSW RDB folder.

i.e: The Secret World\RDB\rdbtypes.js

To run those .js, here have some command you can reference:

cd The Secret World\RDB\
mkdir export
node exportfilenames.js
node rdb.js 1010001
node fme.js 7512757_consumables_taco.fme
node rdb.js 1010004

The 1010001 files is in-game models, they all .fme format, so you need run fme.js to convert .fme file to .js. and this tool can not convert .fme to .obj or .fbx format, you need 3rd part software/website or some plug-in. TSWRDB using as models showcase gallery.

The 1010004 files is models texture, they all .dds format, usually don’t need any issue to fix. But you need careful when you export, texture files have large amount and size, and export them need some time too.

The 1010030 files is mesh index and is .xml format, model mesh ID, texture, material parameter store in those files.

NOTE: If your export path inside RDB folder, remember all folder need remove to other place when you play TSW. Because if there have any folder,  game will try to index file, that’s will make game stuck in loading screen.

Video Guide:

1000624 Media – Flash

Here have a guide to fix background color by Lordstarfox.
Photoshop CS6:

Create a new layer mask

Channels->hide all other channels except Red,select Red Channel

Copy it

Alt click the layer mask


Switch back to layer

Image->mode->grayscale (although..i should have just used black and white filter now that i think of it)
On the plus side, with photoshop you can make action scripts,although im not sure if they are backwards compatible.

Photoshop CS6 action:  (My blog mirror link)  (Lordstarfox's dropbox)

Try going to Window->Actions and loading that up if you happen to use cs6,that script should do the above actions which just leaves scaling and saving.

1010013 Maps Merged

The Map file already decomposed to a .jpg file, you only can open it 512×512 pixel, the rest of them only can export from that .jpg file.

Such as Kaidan map(issue#10 version), the name is 3070.jpg(Click here to download this file), open it by UltraEdit, you can see the jpg file header, but this just 512×512 pixel that one, and this file end:


Jpg file end mark is:


next jpg file start mark is:


If you do something, like cut, then save file, you can see the 3070.jpg become a 264×264 pixel file. If you repeat this step, next file are same too, a 264×264 pixel file. But image obviously are different. If you keep do it, you can find like this:

So, the map merged file like a compressed files. I believe each file have 1024×1024 pixel to 2K and 4K pixel piece. But, if modify them by hands, that very slow and need long time with good eyes. And I’m stop to modify them.

1020003 Lip Sync Voices

This type file is .dat format, it’s include face animation and sound(.ogg format) when NPC talking. It’s very easy to modify to get .ogg file.

click here to download example file

First for all, the .ogg file have very clear file header.

4F 67 67 53

So, every Lip Sync Voices .dat file just delete the face animation byte and save as .ogg file then can done.

1030002 Strings

The Strings just use special command to export, for English:

run export strings --lang en --json --tsw """C:\Game\The Secret World\SteamApps\common\The Secret World"""

For German

run export strings --lang de --json --tsw """C:\Game\The Secret World\SteamApps\common\The Secret World"""

For French

run export strings --lang fr --json --tsw """C:\Game\The Secret World\SteamApps\common\The Secret World"""

Video Guide:

Do I really need scenarios? / 真的有必要在Scenarios上花时间么?


Scenarios deploy in 11/7/2013 end of server update. In November, the game ACU(Average Concurrent Users) keep go down, and go on. Until End December, event start, ACU have some go up, but didn’t too long. January 2014, ACU go down every day.



Issue#8 let player disappoint, boring & Repeat content, low drop rate, only 2 cut-scenes to tell story etc. so lot people left game, Issue#8 content not worth for Expectation.



Scenarios’s problem is Augment drop rate and complete rewards. But, scenarios rewards very sucks. In game, every augment has 5 level, and every level need same level 1 augment to assembly. So, one 5 level need how many Aureus?


This is kit price | 这是工具包售价




So, level 1 it’s easy to get and use. Just 12 Aureus. But don’t forget, Augment you can’t skip level to upgrade, that mean you must get level 1 first, then level 2, level3 and go on.



So, one level 5 Augment need Aureus amount is:

Level 1 = 12

Level 2 = 12+12+36(level 2 kit) = 60

Level 3 = 12+12+12+70(level 3 kit) = 106

Level 4 = 12+12+12+12+100(level 4 kit) = 148

Level 5 = 12+12+12+12+12+150(level 5 kit) = 210



So, one level 5 final cost is:

12+60+106+148+210 = 536 Aureus



This is Aureus cost, so how about Augment? I think you very clear that if you run many many times. If you still only run solo mode, please stop. Solo mode even less drop green. Duo mode also, if you really want Augment, I advice you, go Group mode.



But, don’t think Group has lot good thing, maybe Elite drop rate more than Normal, but I only has Normal mode data, and almost 1 month run, still less some, but analyze I think enough. And, when I run Castle, if survivors less then 4 in center room, I usually out of scenarios then reset.



Castle Normal Group Stats| 城堡队伍普通难度统计



As you can see, this 1 month castle run, only 4 time purple, total 5 Augment. 15 times blue, total 21 Augment, green has every time, total 140 Augment.







Yes, this are my all data, fun fact, when you complete castle, you can get Blue chance more then Green. But, you received Green more and more then Blue.



How about BOSS drop rate? This it is. You need notice half month ago, first boss mostly won’t drop Blue. Second boss so so, Green and Aure. Final boss because has drop require, so won’t drop aure anymore, but still has lot Green. Data only stats best drop if have different color.





After boss dead, random event very average. This is first boss dead event.




So, how about Mansion? Just Purple more then Castle little bit. Of course, still base in data. Same as castle, if in yard of mansion, if survivors more then 8, I usually out of scenarios reset it.


Mansion Normal Group Stats| 豪宅队伍普通难度统计



As castle, most are Green, rare are Blue, Purple very less.




Boss drop rate like castle, but Green chance more than Castle.




我从来不单刷Hotel Normal Group,所以也就没有Hotel的数据,不过Hotel的数据应该不会差太远吧?谁知道呢,反正没多少人在乎Scenarios。玩家20分钟的时间仅仅收货一大堆绿,我想谁都觉得这是在浪费时间。更不要说solo模式那更低的可怜的掉绿数量。

I never solo Hotel Normal Group, so didn’t has hotel data. But I think hotel won’t has different too much. Scenarios already lose lot player anyway, player cost 20 minute only lot Green, waste time? Yes, lot player think so. Solo mode? Please, only 1~2 Green for 20 minute?




My solo Scenarios build in Castle video, you can check that if you have interest. This build not the best, but won’t let you painful. 4000+ HP some low, but you can try.  ❗  if unlucky, maybe will dead 1~2 times, but won’t more.


 (Castle Normal Group Solo)





 (Mansion Normal Group Solo)






The Secret World: Ankh Nightmare Boss Guide

The better version already publish on TSWDB, please visit to TSWDB Ankh Nightmare guide!



First all:

This dungeon special, Block useless here, Defence is better choice. But block tank still can run Ankh, just you will get full per damage(like 2000+).

I run this tank build, and no wipe run many times, you can use this build, just few change for some boss.

Fist/Blood Heal not welcome in this dungeon, Healer must be leech.



  1. Martial Discipline
  2. Clearing the path
  3. Escalation
  4. Chaotic Pull
  5. Spiral of Death (for 2nd and last )
  6. Trial by Swords (backup impair for 2nd and last)
  7. Art of War

Backup active:

  1. Helter Skelter (for 5th)
  2. Reality Fracture (for 4th&5th )
  3. Stoicism(for last)



  1. Agitator
  2. Shoot ‘Em up
  3. Hardcase
  4. Intensity
  5. Iron Maiden
  6. 12 Gouge
  7. Fluid Defence

Gear: Signet of Discipline are very use for in ankh. And except signet buff, I run Defence 500+, HP about 9K+ or 10K.


First BOSS: Squalid Hekaturgist

HP: 317,245
This boss are move check


on side orb move 4 times then go center, everyone need careful it. If you too close orb, will be lock ability and have about 500 damage per sec. if tank got orb, attack orb, if too long time, tank will got one shot.

Boss only move his back. Heka Strike are normal range attack. Heka Blast are PbAoe attack, only give tank, tank need careful no other one in Heka Blast range, otherwise got one shot for dps and leech.


Second BOSS: Doctor Klein

HP: 951,734
This boss are Heal check, DPS check, Move check.

Adds: Dimensional Reaper
HP: 66,093

When jump out pillar, will trigger Boss show up. Everone should select Tank, and select adds. Tank should first go in.


Doctor Klein ability list:
Open the Void: Avoid other side, orb per sec out one, have 3 orb total.
Swell of Mutation: small wave, avoid other side.
Profane in the Membrane: normal attack, per hit about 2000 damage.
Spray and pray: use pistol range attack, per hit about 2000 damge, 2 hit total.
Dreaming Shroud: per 0.5 sec have about 2000 damage, last 10 sec. lock all ability and can’t move.
Wave of Mutation: big wave, everyone need go back and stand pillar. One shot for everyone.



Tank: attack 1~2 times Doctor Klein, then use Chaostic Pull drag adds come down, you can easy hate adds. Otherwise adds will use Heka Strike attack DPS. When adds dead, will give you PbAOE, you can avoid it.

Profane in the Membrane and Spray and pray only give you, and no need impair or hinder. Just keep attention avoid Open the Void and Swell of Mutation.

Keep hate Doctor Klein, until he release Dreaming Shroud, wait. After Dreaming Shroud, BOSS immediately ready Wave of Mutation, you need back to about 8 meter. You have 9 sec to position.

When Wave of Mutation release, you should keep click Spiral of Death, until succeed to teleport boss. You can’t back to pillar, if you fail or back to pillar, only wipe.


DPS: until tank attack BOSS, you can start attack adds, attack BOSS before adds dead are useless, BOSS have shield and you will very low damage to boss.

When adds dead, BOSS shield gone too. Full dps BOSS, remember avoid Open the Void and Swell of Mutation. boss release Dreaming Shroud, you can buff this time, and I don’t suggest buff to early, if dps some low tank will die in this ability. Don’t forget keep select Tank.

After Dreaming Shroud, when boss release Wave of Mutation, you need back to pillar, also you can use Last Resort, but if you use this, will lose Do or Die.


Leech: until tank attack BOSS, you can start attack adds, attack BOSS before adds dead are useless, BOSS have shield and you will very low damage to boss.

When adds dead you can attack BOSS, keep tank alive and avoid Open the Void and Swell of Mutation. If you see purple flash in boss and tank, that mean Boss will release Dreaming Shroud in next sec, you should popup Reap and Sew immediately, can’t too late or too soon.

After Dreaming Shroud, when boss release Wave of Mutation, you need back to pillar.



Tank: after teleport boss, you attack 1~2 time, then impair boss immediately. Boss’s purple thing will gone too. And adds will appear again. You need  use Chaostic Pull drag adds come down, you can easy hate adds. Then like phase1, but you need attention avoid Open the Void and Swell of Mutation. In this phase, sometime BOSS release both in each side, you need impair one of them. Otherwise dps and leech very easy dead. That why I have 2 impair. But if good lucky and high DPS, will not appear that situation.

If you fail impair in after teleport, boss will not stop release Open the Void and Swell of Mutation. If happen, only wipe.


DPS: like phase1.

Leech: like phase1. But if dps low, boss will release Dreaming Shroud 2nd time. You need popup Reap and Sew.


When Doctor Klein HP under 240K, he will teleport away, then drop loot and go next boss. Remember sometimes have bug here, if he teleport away when Dreaming Shroud time, sometime appear Swell of Mutation. And have damage too. But sometime not happen this.



Third BOSS: Orochi Dead Ops X3

HP: 158,623 each.
This one are more harder Heal check.


They ability:
Closedown: Hinder, very slow move.
Frag: BIG AOE, and small one in last one give DPS.
Full Clip: range attack, very high damage.


Tank: you can change Spiral of Death to Helter Skelter. When you go in, you should attack 1~2 times to hate them, then use Art of War(if impair they closedown are better). Then you can glance or low damage they attack few times.

When one orochi dead ops down, you can use Martial Discipline to glance or low damage attack few sec.

When only last one, they will immune impair, so no need impair closedown. And BOSS will got attack buff, and have new ability Full Clip, very high damage, 5000~6000+.


DPS: keep select Tank. And before begin, should got kill order, full dps one at time. Sometime need 2nd Reap and Sew, 1 dps should got that, when tank HP in 40%~50%, you should popup.

In last one random frag some dps, just avoid it, dps aways got small frag.


Leech: Keep tank alive. When tank HP in 40%~50%, you should popup Reap and Sew, DO NOT PLAY FIRE. Each orochi daed ops have 2000+ damage per hit. Backup drone and Greater Good very good use in ankh.



Fourth BOSS: Dimensional Arachnid

HP: 380,694
This one are DPS check.


BOSS ability:
Black Bile: random PbAOE, spit filth in ground while time. Just avoid out and don’t enter.

This one very easy, just pew pew pew.


Tank: you should hate 3 adds, no need hate them all, because very easy lose hate, when you lose hate, adds will attack leech.

You need order attack 3 adds. Boss should follow you.


DPS: just focus Boss, and keep select tank.


Leech: keep tank alive, and focus Boss, if tank HP 40%~50%, you should popup Reap and Sew.



Fifth BOSS: The Colossus, Melothat

HP: 333,107
This one are DPS check.


Adds: Disembalmed Atenist
Wretched Receptacle(Very high damage)
Orochi dead ops


This easy too, but you need be careful Wretched Receptacle, they have very high damage, if won’t kill them quickly, tank very easy die.


First Gate: tank going first, and hate 2 Disembalmed Atenist, dps and leech just attack them. When they dead, then should attack gate, if too early, Wretched Receptacle will come out.

When gate broke, tank should ready Helter Skelter, when they come out than use Helter Skelter to group impair them few sec, and dps should use some AOE kill them quickly.

Than, tank should go back to BOSS, attack some, before BOSS angry go Orochi dead ops.if boss angry, everyone should go Orochi dead ops, do not attack boss when stop gate. if someone keep attack boss, He will be very early wake.

When Orochi dead ops real dead, I suggest go boss side first, also can broke the second gate, but if boss wake, 2 Wretched Receptacle will come out. Tank can use Reality Fracture to hate them. Than back to the second gate.


Second gate:Wretched Receptacle same in first gate, when adds all dead, tank should back to BOSS attack some, before angry back to second gate. DPS and leech should focus BOSS when angry.

If boss angry, everyone should run to second gate, if not quickly, boss will give Overkill and nearby people. That is oneshot for DPS and leech, maybe tank can left few HP.

Boss will stop in gate few sec, and will wake again, tank should use Reality Fracture to gate, 4 Wretched Receptacle will come out, than you can go front, fast hate orochi dead ops x2, you can use Art of War.

DPS and Leech should focus BOSS, and buff when boss stop on gate. this phase is DPS check, if not kill BOSS quickly, tank very easy dead.



Final BOSS: The Colossus, Melothat & Doctor Klein

The Colossus, Melothat HP: 1,174,199
Doctor Klein HP: about 373,800


This fight are DPS check, Heal check, Hate check.

Adds: Wretched Receptacle(Very high damage), Dimensional Reaper


This are final combat, also 5 min+ fight, when combat begin, go up road will be have filth, so The Colossus, Melothat is DPS check. If low DPS and no space to back, that mean group DPS very low.



Tank: go in first. When BOSS show up, use Chaotic Pull to attack first time, BOSS position some far, normal attack don’t have enough range.

You need close BOSS as you can, have decision problem in this boss, if you little far, will not build weapon resource, and maybe lose hate.

When boss cast Sinkhole, you need out range, this ability have more real range in graphic. Filth have hinder and damage.

When BOSS knock down, you should go up as fast as you can, Klein give big guy attack buff, you need break it, just attack 2 times klein and impair immediately, then you can jump down keep hate big guy.

When big guy wake, maybe you lose hate, you need use Chaotic Pull to attack, impair not work but you can far side hate boss. Or use Stoicism, but you need think about every ability use for and tradeoff.

Remember you need keep big guy not move(if DPS enough), if moved, when you jump down will have less time to hate.

Big guy knock down second time as first time, little different, Klein will stand more far and big guy wake more faster.

After this, when The Colossus, Melothat cast Sinkhole, will spawn Wretched Receptacle in Sinkhole.


DPS: keep select tank, until The Colossus, Melothat begin attack tank, you can start attack BOSS, if early attack BOSS, tank will lose hate and wipe.

Blood have more hate in this boss, so don’t use blood, tank very easy lose hate when jump down if you use blood.

BOSS’ Cleave have very long range, you need stand far as you can and pew pew pew. If tank lose hate when jump down, you should stop DPS immediately, until boss begin attack tank.


Leech: keep tank alive. When tank go up, you need stop attack boss, leech have high hate too. when tank jump down, you can start attack boss, and this time Klein will attack tank too, so tank have more damage, you need careful, if tank HP 40%, you need Reap and Sew. DO NOT PLAY FIRE.

If Wretched Receptacle show up, you need attack it, only you have very long range.

Also, you can slot Giddy up(whip), when tank go up you can use this let him move faster.




When The Colossus, Melothat knock down third time, Klein show up on side.


Tank: you should back, like in 2nd boss time. But, after impair, make sure Klein purple thing gone, you need move left, hate big guy and Klein. Klein won’t attack after impair. So just big guy you need take care.

After big guy dead, you can wait Klein teleport this side, or also can far side impair him. Klein teleport 1~2 times, then will teleport away, go top release Ungodly Exhortation, this is overkill.


DPS: when Klein show up, you should focus Klein, before Wave of Mutation go other side, after explosion you can go on focus Klein, big guy not important when Klein in this side. When DPS enough or time up, Klein will teleport other side, this time you need back and kill big guy.

When Klein teleport this side again, you can keep focus him.


Leech: keep tank alive, and other thing like DPS.



When Klein teleport on top, and begin release Ungodly Exhortation, everyone need go up, be careful, only Klein begin release Ungodly Exhortation, on stairs filth will gone, if you jump early, filth will kill you..


Tank: when you attack Klein, will stop him release Ungodly Exhortation, then few sec, Dimensional Reaper will show up. You need hate them, you need use Chaostic Pull drag one of them will easy hate, you can’t hate both same time if you not drag. When Dimensional Reaper dead, will cast AOE like 2nd boss, so you can’t stay with DPS. Other thing just keep hate adds and boss, this time are DPS check.


DPS: when adds show up, you need kill adds first, usually left adds first, then right, Klein last. You need careful stand, do not close tank, when adds give tank AOE, you need avoid it if you stand on. When adds all dead, will become DPS check, Klein have attack buff every sec, and if DPS very low, maybe will release Dreaming Shroud, this only happen low dps.


Leech: keep tank alive, adds order like DPS, careful Klein have attack buff when adds dead, if tank HP 40% you need Reap and Sew. other thing like DPS.